Elena Mosko

I started painting because I wanted to capture and interpret the discoveries of my Old World European travels. As I was simply trying to keep those sights and sounds in my memory as long as I could, I found great fulfillment in putting my feelings on canvas and sharing them with the world. Most of my early works were created with that energy behind them. The endless capabilities of oils made it my medium of choice. In more recent years my constant need for experimentation in different mediums and hunger for discovery guided me to a very new level of bringing foil, rice paper, various pigments, and, of course, oils, together in what has become a unique process behind my mixed media creations. Not always predictable outcome, wild interaction between colors and that unbelievably sacred moment of the image finally revealing itself, keeps me going back to the studio for more. I create so I can always see the world with fresh eyes to bring a sense of wonder and simple timeless beauty into my viewer’s world.



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My Story

Outside of the weekends in her studio, Elena finds many ways to exercise her creativity as a CEO and Founder of Globiana Inc. – a US/German startup helping people settle into foreign environments and new cultures. When not managing the company or painting, she can be found tending the backyard vineyard with her husband Scott, being a mom to their three sons or tending a flock of their backyard chickens.

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“I remember spending hours admiring prints in my mother’s extensive art library. I guess, it had to come out in some form, even if later in life…”